This week’s LP is one of my all-time favourite records and I am really excited to finally share it with you: Telectu’s nearly forgotten Ctu Telectu!

Sadly there’s not a lot of info available on the internet and I speculate that its impact on the Portuguese music scene was quite possibly minimal due to its limited pressing (if you’re hoping to get your hands on a physical release, forget it. It’s practically impossible). You will inevitably need to talk to musicians of the time if you want to get an adequate picture of its influence, I guess.

However, talking about the band itself: Telectu was a duo formed in 1982 by Jorge Lima Barreto, a jazz musician and musical essayist, and Vitor Rua (former member of the iconic Portuguese rock band GNR and who played bass/guitar on their fantastic debut Independança from 1982 – check it out, it’s their most experimental release and I’d argue the only one you should really get into). Together they decided to play a mix of free jazz, progressive rock, avant-garde, minimalism, electronica and concrete music (yes, quite the cocktail and as wonderfully weird as one could expect). Their career spanned 30 years and they released several albums, both live and recorded, a majority of them being apparently out of pressing for years now, until Barreto passed away in 2011.

Ctu Telectu, their debut, is the perfect entry point to the pair’s collaboration and displays everything people came to associate with the duo over the years (well, if they actually knew about them): unorthodox structures, inventive mixtures of apparently jarring genres, a weirdness that bordered on insanity and a free-wheeling power that seems to prove the rumours right that most compositions were just improvisations of the moment (there’s this rumour that everything they’ve ever played was never rehearsed before, they simple played and went along with whatever came out – crazy if true).

The record is up on Spotify, so you can stream it there. Sadly there’s no full stream on YouTube but you can preview the LP by listening to album opener “Lotaria Solaris” below.


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