If you’re a fan of exotic new wave then this week’s album is perfect for you: Ippu-Do’s extremely diverse Night Mirage from 1983.

Ippu-Do was founded in 1979 by frontman Masami Tsuchiya alongside Akira Mitake and Shoji Fujii. The trio released five albums before disbanding – Night Mirage being the fourth release. Tsuchiya consequently returned to his solo career and continued releasing solo records as well as touring as a guitarist for Japan on their final tour in 1983 (related: Japan’s keyboardist Richard Barbieri was a support musician for Ippu-Do while on tour).

The album itself is a lively play of new wave, skewed synth pop, some exotic influences (faint hints of Spanish and African influences), experimental synth usage and here and there shades of Erik Satie and calypso. If you want a diversified listening experience you’ve found your record.

Unfortunately, the record is neither on YouTube nor on any music streaming platform, however, I’ve found a clean download link that even includes Tsuchiya’s six-track experimental LP Alone from 1985. I’m not a huge fan of sharing download links, preferring to buy or suggesting a buy option, unfortunately I didn’t find much online but in my opinion this is an album that should be heard so I’ll share a download link this time only (okay … and probably for the next few times when there’s no streaming option).

Download it here.


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